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The tYhle company’s new project for 2018 choreographed by Marie Gourdain.

Premiere: 12th of December 2018 at Studio ALTA.

The first rehearsals in May / photo: Linda Průšová

Men on the brink of tumbling, men on the boundary between, on one hand, darkness, fear and the unknown, and, on the other, light, hope and safety.
The primary theme of the project is the fragility of existence, instability, loss of balance and the unpredictability of life: moments when our normality is suddenly overturned or, in moments of adversity, in a slow and insidious fall.

Our intention is to create a series of tableaux vivants (living pictures) that will allow the audience to lose their points of reference, that will set them adrift and blur their judgement of positive and negative. Is it better to hold on or to let go?

Choreographer, scenographer: Marie Gourdain
Dramaturgy: Lukáš Karásek
Performers: Sabina Bočková, Florent Golfier, Marek Menšík, Jaro Ondruš, Matthew Rogers
Lighting design: Zuzana Režná
Choreographic consultant: Hana Polanská Turečková
Engineer: Xavier Tiret
Technician / construction: Štěpán Hejzlar / Zbyněk Opálka
Production: Lucie Fabišíková

The project is supported by

Ministry of Culture, the City of Prague, the District of Prague 7, the City of Brno and the foundation Nadace Život Umělce.

Main partner: Studio ALTA
Other partners: Johan centrum - Moving Station, Pilsen, CZ / Kredance, České Budějovice, CZ / LOFFT, Leipzig, DE / DW7 - Divadlo na cucky, Olomouc, CZ / Réservoir Danse, Rennes, FR / Centrum choreografického rozvoje SE.S.TA, Praha, CZ / Cirqueon, Praha, CZ

Long life to Medúza

Long life to Medúza