Gathering of activists and performing artists:

International project N.A.Toˇ - "Nose Assembly for Tomorrowˇ"!

N.A.Toˇ – Nose Assembly for Tomorrow is a series of workshops, open discussions, seminars, lectures and a public happening. It is an international gathering of activists and performing artists. Part of the program is open to the public.

N.A.Toˇ Project is based on performance Atlas by Florent Golfier. As activist clown Atlas, he invited audiences for a walk through different cities and to become members of the utopian clownocratic “Nose assembly for Tomorrow”. Different meetings and encounters led him to create a broader network of performing artists and activists.

The N.A.Toˇ network will slowly growing through N.A.Toˇ gatherings. During 2023 three assemblies are planned: in Brno (CZ): N.A.Toˇ #1, Maria Schutz (AT): N.A.Toˇ #2 and Budapest (HU): N.A.Toˇ #2. The Crew around N.A.Toˇ will announce an open call for every Version. Attendees can look forward to an intensive event full of workshops, discussions, lectures and plenums. Some parts of the program are open to the public.

N.A.Toˇ #1 / Brno

📆 When will N.A.Toˇ #1 happen and what is the project's focus?

First gathering N.A.Toˇ #1 will take place from 23rd to 26th March in Brno, in cooperation with Terén - Field for performing arts.

The public parts of N.A.Toˇ #1 in Brno consists of:

🥁 Additional parts of the program for participants:

  • Workshop: Rhythms of Resistance by RoR Vienna
  • clowning workshop in public space led by JAMU Professor Pierre Nadaud
  • clown-activist workshop led by “Atlas” (Florent Golfier) and “Röschti” (Lauritz Mori, Switzerland), inspired by CIRCA - Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army
  • activist workshop led by members of Limity jsme my!
  • insights in the development of activist communities like RoR and CIRCA
  • open space format where the participants will share skills, visions, and knowledge
  • plenaries that will be facilitated by members of the Theater of the Oppressed Group (Resilient Revolt) from Vienna and Jakub and Barbora Liška, editor form the czech magazine CEDIT

🍀 Financing the project and what else are we raising funds for?

The N.A.Toˇ project is funded by the National Recovery Plan and by the year-round activities of the tYhle association.

We are grateful for this support, but beside the activities described above, we aim to cover additional costs for our twenty participants. We avoid a participation fee to enable everyone to participate regardless of their financial status. For this we need also your support!


With your donation we aim to cover:

  • accommodation in Brno. Most of the participants will sleep in common rooms. Some participants need separate accommodation because of special needs (e.g. a human rights activist who will participate with her one-year old child).
  • lunch and dinner, provided by by Tři Ocásci which are #fairtrade #bio #local #seasonal #vegan #hateFree, which is part of our philosophy, and Good Karma Catering in Brno.

🫐 About N.A.Toˇ crew

We are an organic group of international artists who, under the artistic association tYhle, create the project N.A.Toˇ. tYhle is a platform for expression through performance, dance, physical theater and visual art. They are artists who share a similar view of contemporary art: it is necessary to experiment and cross boundaries.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated!
You have our big THANK YOU!

Laura Brechmann, Florent Golfier, Ondřej Holba, Barbora Liška, Jakub Liška and Roman Zmrzlý.

Laura Brechmann studied Film- Theater- and Cultural Studies and European Literature for her Bachelor's degree at Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz and Scenic Research at Ruhr-Universität Bochum for her Master's degree. From 2018 to 2021, she worked as a research assistant at JGU Mainz in the field of theatre studies. Her research focuses on essay research, artistic methodologies, performance & philosophy, and artistic research. In addition to her teaching and research activities, she is active as a performance artist in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Since spring 2021, she is part of the PEEK project Navigating Dizziness Together (21-23).

Florent Golfier is a performer, choreographer and activist born in France and based in the Czech Republic. Together with Lukáš Karásek, Marie Gourdain and Zuzana Režná, he founded the performing art collective tYhle, he has co-created nine performances as a choreographer or performer. He has worked with choreographers such as Karine Ponties, Kitt Johnson, Vít Nezval, Linda and Mathias Straub and Ondřej Holba. Florent searches for ways to connect initiatives across disciplines. His project Babel trilogy continues with a series of linguistic and movement laboratories that he organizes together with the Czech-German Psycholinguist Prof. Dr. Barbara Mertins. And with his clown-activist project Atlas he is making connections between the performing art and climate activist scenes with being performing both at festivals and on climate camps, demos or other kinds of direct actions.

Ondřej Holba is a contact juggler. He created his works Still Life as well as And Who is Useless Now? in collaboration with Finnish director and clown Herne Väätäinen. The focus of his work lies on contemporary circus and old pantomime art, whereas his current interest lies with robots and artificial intelligence. His work has been inspired by philosophical questions regarding artificial intelligence, art, music, and the application of light as well as the combination of all of them.

Barbora Liška studied Theatre Studies and German at MU. She has long been interested in performance, movement theatre and theatre dance. She is also involved in the popularization of theatre among high school students and others within the project of the junior university DiFa JAMU and as a dramaturgy lecturer at the Brno HaDivadlo. Currently, she runs the CED_observer internship and works externally in the editorial office of CEDIT journal.

Jakub Liška studied dramaturgy at JAMU. He is currently studying for his PhD at the Department of Theatre Studies at MU. His dissertation research focuses on the sociology of theatre, especially the institutional, social and cultural conditions that influence or co-determine the formation of theatre dramaturgy. He is an editor of CEDIT journal published by Centre for experimental theatre in Brno.

Roman Zmrzlý has experience in the production of television, film and theatre. He graduated from the Film School in Písek and then from the Theatre Faculty of the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts, majoring in production. He has worked on many projects as a producer, documentary filmmaker and freelance filmmaker. He works for “Memory of the Nation” as a producer and documentary filmmaker. In addition, he works on his documentaries and radio documentaries for Czech Radio.

Photos from project Atlas