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I like tYhle, and I’m interested in supporting them

We are very pleased for you to come to our shows, workshops and all the other events we organise, as well as for the attention you bring to our new projects! So we want to offer you a way to support and work with us more closely: for example, to help us build new stage props.

How is that possible? - Either you can support the project Medúza financially through the platform, or you can contact us directly, and together we will find a new way for you to help us or contribute to our projects.

Collaborate with us on the piece: Medúza

2018 has been a very busy year for us as we prepare our new work Medúza. This piece is supported by many institutions (The District of Prague 7, Nadace Život umělce, the Czech Ministry of Culture, the City of Prague, the City of Brno and, as co-producers, Studio ALTA and DW7).Though we are very grateful for their support, it’s still not enough to meet many of our needs.

With your collaboration we would like to:
renovate the props we have been dancing with for a year of rehearsals
buy essential technical materials, such as lighting equipment and a dance mat so that we needn’t rent one each time we perform
pay the members of our team a fair rate (and not just the legal minimum)

Please help us to purchase the necessary equipment to stage Medúza! We will be very grateful and we won’t forget it! More details on:

Long life to Medúza