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The trilogy of Babel – Wrestling with language

Florent Golfier’s project for 2019

"Wrestling with language" is the first part of a bigger project called "the trilogy of Babel". It is a long-term research dealing with monolingualism and multilingualism that will lead to the creation of three performances.

First part: Wrestling with language
Premiere: 12th and 13th December 2019, Divadlo na cucky, Olomouc
Prague premiere: 8th June 2020, PONEC - dance venue, Prague, TANEC PRAHA - festival

"A spoken language is a body, a living creature, whose physiognomy is verbal and whose visceral functions are linguistic. And this creature's home is the inarticulate as well as the articulate." - John Berger

Wrestling with Language is an examination within the fields of linguistics, visual arts and performing arts, trying to better understand the "creature" that John Berger talks about and a will to invite it for a dance.

In this new project, the performer and choreographer Florent Golfier focuses on the subject of monolingualism as a meeting point between the need for rules and the need for freedom, between the normative language and its actual, multiple and uncontrollable uses. Through movement and sound, he seeks to challenge the norm, to twist pronunciation, to prefer the absurdity of speech over empty discourse. He seeks to break the codes, and with his entire body to scream out loud and declare his right to distort.

Team of the project:

Choreografer, performer: Florent Golfier
Dramaturgical and choreographical consultant: Peter Šavel
Scenographer: Marie Gourdain
Light designer: Zuzana Režná
Sound dramaturgy: Ian Mikyska
Linguistic consultant: Prof. Dr. Barbara Mertins

The project is supported by

the City of Prague, the City of Brno and the National found for culture.

Co-producers: DW7 and The Na Cucky Theatre in Olomouc, the festival TANEC PRAHA and the Schloss Bröllin e.V.
Other partners: SE.S.TA (center for choreografic developement), Castle of Žďár nad Sázavou, Cooltour, cultural center in Ostrava, Ponec, theater for dance in Prague, Plum Yard in Malovice, "le Dancing" in Val-de-Reuil (FR), TU Dortmund psycholinguistics eyetracking laboratory, Ministry for education, science and culture of the country Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, The district Vorpommern-Greifswald, Johan centrum – Moving Station in Pilsen.

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