tYhle calendar

Atlas 13th–15th June Vienna /A/, Grätzlfest facebook událost
Living room + workshop 17th–19th June at 9am Prague, Studio ALTA  for schools
Living room + marbles tournament ALTA FLICK! 19th June at 5pm Prague, Studio ALTA  Vstupenky facebook událost
Living room 23rd June at 10am Trnava /SK/ Teen Theatre Fest Vstupenky facebook událost
Icarus 24th June at 7pm Trnava /SK/ Teen Theatre Fest facebook událost
Workshop / Florent Golfier-Brechmann 25th June at 2:30pm Prague, Environmental Day AMU facebook událost
Atlas / mobile office 30th June Vienna /A/, SÜDWIND Straßenfestival
Atlas / performativ project presentation 1st July Vienna /A/, Raw Matter & Theater Arche
N.A.Toˇ #5 16th–21st July Ostrava  facebook událost


update / 9th June 2024

N.A.Toˇ #5 – open-call, this time in Ostrava!!!

The N.A.Toˇ- Nose Assembly for Tomorrow team announces another open-call for clowns and activists for workshops and seminars in Ostrava in July: