About tYhle

tYhle is a collective of Czech and French artists based in Czech Republic. It is a platform for performance, dance, physical theatre and the visual arts, created by four young artists who share the same vision of the contemporary scene: its duty to experiment and eliminate barriers.

The collective was founded in Brno in 2015 after already three years of collaboration of the performers Lukáš Karásek and Florent Golfier. They were later joined by the lighting designer Zuzana Režná and the scenographer/choreographer Marie Gourdain.

tYhle’s name is inspired by the Y generation. The letter Y can also be read graphically as the meeting point of different lines, directions, inspirations and backgrounds.

One of tYhle's aims is to build bridges between its two cultures.

tYhle members

Florent Golfier

Florent Golfier (*1990, FR) is a French actor and dancer based in Prague. He studied acting at the Conservatory in Nancy, then integrated these in the Clown and Physical Theatre Department at the JAMU Theatre Academy in Brno. That’s where he met Lukáš Karásek, with whom he created the pieces Tešlon a Frkl, Les Fantômes, Pierer and Výš/Higher. After a research residency, in 2014 he created his first solo piece, Umbilicus. With Marie Gourdain, he collaborated on the pieces UN/One and LEGOrytmus in 2015 and 2017. Florent Golfier has also worked with different choreographers and theatre directors, among whom Carlo Locatelli (I), Kitt Johnson (DK) and Vít Neznal (CZ). He is one of the founders of the tYhle collective.

Marie Gourdain's website /en/

Marie Gourdain

Marie Gourdain (*1896, FR) Visual artist, scenographer and choreographer, of French background, living in Prague since 2010. She studied animation cinema at ENSAD in Paris and at VŠUP, Prague, during an Erasmus exchange. For her sculptural work she was awarded the Frédéric de Carfort prize (2011) and the ENSAD prize (2009). As a stage designer she works for many contemporary dance companies, for the choreographers Andrea Miltnerová, Barbora Látalová, Zdenka Svíteková (2016), Lucia Kašiarová (2014), on site-specific projects for the Festival KoresponDance for Dominique Boivin and Jean Gaudin (2014–17), and for Karine Ponties at the JAMU festival (2012). In 2016 she directed her first dance piece, UN/One, in which she performs with Florent Golfier. In spring 2017, she directed her second piece, LEGOrytmus, commissioned by Studio ALTA.

Lukáš Karásek's website /cz/

Lukáš Karásek

Lukáš Karásek (*1899, CZ) Studied first at the Waldorf High school (alternative system of education) of Ostrava and than at the JAMU Theatre Academy in the Clown and Physical Theatre department under the lead of Pierre Nadaud. During his studies he collaborated with Petr Váša (CZ), Irina Andrejeva of the Novogo Fronta theatre (CZ/RU), Daniel Gulko of the Cahin-Caha company (US/FR) and Karine Ponties (BE). He also followed masterclasses about Mask theater with Giovanni Fusetti in Florence (2013) and with Carlo Boso in Versailles (2017), interest he stated to develop during the writing of his bachelor thesis on the same topic. In 2013, Lukas created with Florent Golfier his graduation piece Tešlon a Frkl . Afterwords they founded the collective tYhle wich they are dedicate to altogether with Marie Gourdain and Zuzana Režná. Beside Lukáš also works with different choreographers and theatre directors, including Pierre Nadaud (CZ/FR), Dominique Boivin (FR) and Katharina Schmitt (DE). He also gives mask workshops in the JAMU faculty, teaches theater in primary schools, plays in an english educative theater and during two years worked as a carpenter.

Zuzana Režná

Zuzana Režná (*1896, CZ) is a graduate of the JAMU Theatre Academy in Brno and a light designer for physical theatre and dance productions. She has already created the lighting design for more than ten productions, among which All Genius All Idiot, Svalbard Company (SWE), Pythagoras, Marta Kuczynska (POL), Desire and Discipline, Matthew Rogers (US), Parolapolea, Viktor Černický (SK) and Kocour, Marek Menšík (CZ). For the tYhle collective she has designed the lighting for the pieces Umbilicus, UN/One and Výš/Higher.